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I will be holding a free webinar on Monday, October 6th to answer your most pressing business questions focusing heavily on wedding photography. Send me your questions by September 29, 2014!

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What is your biggest question? People ask me all the time how I got started and how I managed to book myself solid with my “ideal” photography clients.

It’s a great question, because I can remember when I first started out and I was “trying” to build a profitable photography business, I always found myself competing on price - instead of style or service. Although, charging low prices allowed me to build my portfolio and hone my photography skills, I found myself working all hours of the day/night.

I was on the verge of a burnout and I definitely didn’t have a happy balance of work and family life.

Slowly, I educated myself from leaders in the photography business. I combined different strategies from many mentors and steered my business in a whole new direction.  Then one day, I turned around, and people were asking me the same question? How can I be profitable in this over saturated market of wedding photographers?

Recently I was honoured, humbled and excited to be chosen as one the mentors for the modern women’s portraiture group (with 17,000+ members) formed by the amazing Sue Bryce Photographer -- and as an extension from that group, I started the IBWS Wedding and Bridal Group.

I know we all struggle with different areas of running the business.

So I will be holding a webinar to answer your most pressing sales questions focusing heavily on wedding photography.

Any these sound familiar:

  • you only sell your lowest package

  • you feel bad charging full price in this economy

  • you have inquires but you are having trouble closing the sale

  • you feel nervous when a client calls you

  • you are struggling with setting your prices

  • you know your photography work is as good or better than your competitors but you are afraid to charge more

  • you fear losing clients to cheaper competitors

  • you just want to be a photographer not a salesperson

  • you hate feeling 'salesy'

  • you are not sure when to give the client your price list

  • you feel desperate for a sales

  • you feel you need to charge less due to poor state of the economy

  • you feel nervous talking about your pricing

What I need you to do is send me your biggest most pressing sales process questions! Anything from how to handle inquires, email responses, price list/packages, meetings and bookings. (No question is too simple, silly or stupid - no photography business snobs here).

Where in the sales process are you getting stuck?

I just wanted to thank you again for opening my eyes to the world of photography. I had gotten laid off last year completely unexpectedly and photography carried me through and gave me a purpose during this period. I owe this all to you and everything you shared with me. I will always be so grateful to you for being so open and sharing all your knowledge with me. You truly are and absolute pro and a real talent. Just wanted to thank you again and let you know how much it has meant to me.
— Jennifer White |


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Hi Heike! I went into my wedding consultation on Wednesday with you in the back of my head the whole time! They booked within 24hrs of the meeting. It was was my fastest response yet after a consult! Thank you, thank you!! Really Heike, thank you soooo much!
— Lee-Anne Jarrett |
Photography Expert Heike Delmore answers your sales questions