7 free steps to creating buzz & momentum

7 steps to creating buzz in your photography business

I used this social media technique when I moved to a new city and started my photography business.It was super easy and it impacted my business immensely! It is one of the best ways to get people talking, spreading the word and taking action.

Do you ever start thinking to yourself, “What the heck am I doing? Is all this hustle worth it? How can I get more exposure for my business?”

Here’s the scenario – You built your website, but you wish more people were booking. And worse, you fear many of your ideal clients will never know you exist! Insecure thoughts start to race through your head… you think it must be because…

  • my prices must be too high

  • I don’t have enough experience

  • my work isn’t good enough

  • my website sucks

  • nobody likes me

What’s wrong and why aren’t people booking? Chances are none of those insecure thoughts are true! What’s really going on has NOTHING to do with your prices, talent, or like-ability. It’s more likely that your audience simply:

  • does not know about your website

  • has not heard of you

  • is not talking about you

  • or does not know you started a photography business


Why do contests create a buzz? Social media is about social sharing. When one person’s friends or followers see they have entered the contest, they will likely do so also, then their friends will see and do the same, and the domino effect continues…


It should go without saying , but your photography business should have a separate Facebook page from your personal page. If you don’t have this do make one now.

  1. Decide on the prize. Keep in mind the better the prize, the more likely people will talk about it. And the more likely people will participate and give you their contact information. Also, consider teaming up with other complementary vendors who will also donate prizes for extra exposure. For example, you give away a photo shoot, a spa donates a treatment, and salon donates some hair products.

  2. Make the rules. For example, if you are running your contest on Twitter, have entrants “retweet”, “@mention+ explain why they should win” and use “hashtags”.

  3. Get friends/family involved. One way to do this would be to allow friends and family to support others to who entered by, for example on Facebook “liking”, “sharing” and leaving a “comment” as to why their friend deserves to win. Or on Twitter to “retweet”, “@mention explain why they should win” and/or use “hashtags”.

  4. Collect email addresses. Direct entrants to your website form to submit their email address. Since, we don’t know when Facebook or any other social media platform will change it’s rules or become obsolete – the best way to continually market to your potential customers is directly into their inboxes.

  5. Set a draw date. Be sure to let entrants know when the contest will be over and a winner selected. Nothing gets people moving like a deadline!

  6. Post your contest. Now create an image or graphic to represent your contest. Post it on Facebook, for example, and add the rules and draw date information.

  7. Spread the word. Share your contest post on your business page and personal page. Ask the other vendors who submitted prizes to also show your contest post on their Facebook’s pages, websites etc. Don’t be afraid to comment everyday on the status of the contest, for example, “only 2 more days until the winner is drawn”! Think of other clever places to mention your contest.


✓ increased sales
✓ increased brand awareness
✓ increased referrals
✓ increased popularity
✓ increased newsletter subscribers
✓ increased social media followers
✓ increased visitors to your website


P.S. Before running a contest on any social media platform be sure to check their contest guidelines.

Good luck creating a buzz around your photography business!

Please add your best tips and ideas directly in the comments above!

Thank you, as always, for reading and sharing. You made my day!



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