Blogger Photography: Have you been asked to do this?


Some weeks ago I sent out an email about blogger photography and/or frequent media content photography.

And I got an overwhelming response from interested photographers!

But since I sent that email, something interesting happened. I gained new clients interested in this type of photography - but not the clients I expected.

So I've revamped the FREE resource I'm giving away this Thursday - to include everyone who you can market to and who will benefit from this type of photography.

I'll give you a hint - most of my new signups are clients I photographed previously for their Personal Branding, who now need a steady stream of behind the scenes, product, detail and action photos they can use for their marketing.

P.S. This resource will come with a video explanation of how to price yourself for profitability and how to not undercut your current Portrait or Personal Branding packages.


*Update the Social Media Blog Content template is now available in my store*

I'll be giving away the free resource this Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 to all my HD Insiders (that's the fancy way of saying everyone who is on my mailing list).

So scroll down and sign up below! And see you Thursday. 

As always, I wish you all the happiness and success in your business. Thank you for reading.




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