Article: "The Reveal and Beyond with the incomparable Heike Delmore..."

I’m really excited to share this with you!

Personal Branding Photographer Heike Delmore Article

Professional branding strategist Kristen Cullen recently published an article "The Reveal and Beyond with the incomparable Heike Delmore of Delmore Photography... PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHY (PART TWO)"

In her article she talks about how to select and implement powerful photos that are aligned with your personal brand. And how to avoid losing opportunities to connect with those who really need you.

If you want to get clear on your personal brand but don't know where to start, Kristen is offering a free brand strategy call for you. (I highly recommend!) Schedule your call here:

Want to read the article? Here's the link:
@brandbuildersgroup @kristencullen

When was the last time you loved a photo of yourself? I’d love to hear more about you!

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How a Threat started my photography business

Ever hear people say things like “why me?”, or “why is everything bad happening to me?”

Well today, I have a story for you about how a terrible, aggressive and threatening situation led me to start a super successful photography business.

Sometimes, when you’re so submerged in a stressful situation, it’s difficult to see it from a different point of view. You just have too much emotion involved.

But it could be nudging you to do something different.

About 11 years ago my husband bought me a semi professional DSL camera, so I could take gorgeous photos of my baby daughter! I was pretty pumped!

The only problem was, I didn’t really know how to use my new camera.

I knew a lot about photo editing from my years of working in advertising. But how to get my camera to take awesome photos was something I wanted to learn more about.

So, I enrolled in an evening course at my local community college that taught the fundamentals of how to operate a camera.

It was very technical, but our final project was to use our new skills and photograph 5 creative “wow” images that would be critiqued.

Here’s where the story gets messy….

That weekend, my husband, daughter and I, attended a wedding where my husband stood as a groomsman. From the church pew, daughter in tow, I took photos.

Later that weekend, I posted the photos on my personal Facebook page.

Fast forward 6 months, I get a frantic call from the bride and groom. In horror, they exclaim, that their wedding photographer was threatening to sue them if I didn’t remove the photos taken at their wedding from my Facebook page.

At first I couldn’t understand what was going on. Afterall, several of the guests at the wedding took photos and posted them on social media.

Then, I personally received an email from their wedding photographer.

He exclaimed (in a not so nice manner) that the contract the bride and groom signed for wedding photography coverage strictly indicated that only ONE professional photographer could be hired for their event. 

And because they signed this with him, I must immediately remove my photos online.

(He also had some other choice words for me... and suggested I never pick up a camera again. You get the idea of the tone.)

I wrote him back clarifying that I was not a professional photographer. I was a guest.

(Being a professional photographer actually never even crossed my mind at this point.)

Long story short, he insisted he would sue my friends if I didn’t remove the photos. 

I ended up taking down the photos to spare my friends any further headaches or threats.

But, I add write their photographer back to THANK HIM. I thanked him for letting me know that I have a real talent for photography. And for letting me know that professional photography might be a great fit for my skill set.

Well, needless to say, I never received an email response from him.

The next week, I set up my website and purchased my domain name!

And here we are today - I’m photographing what I love and helping others build multiple 6-figure photography businesses too!

How did you start your photography journey? Was there a life event that made you say ah-ha’ this is what I want to do?

Free Personality Quiz (for new potential hires)


Hitting a plateau in your business and figuring out how to grow it usually involves adding something to it. Whether it’s new software, new hardware, or new people.

But, it get, it can be intimidating when you're considering hiring or outsourcing something.

Fear of the unknown, right?

I can say from experience, when you find the right people, your business will change and flourish. Freeing your time up to grow it even more.

A win-win for you and the people you hire!

But before going down this road, (and I can’t stress this enough), you’ll need to find the “right” people for you.

The wrong people can just as easily derail your efforts! Taking your precious time away from growing your business - to micro managing it.

And please don’t get me wrong, these aren’t necessarily “bad” people. They just aren’t the right fit for reasons such as, they have different priorities, they have different values or your personalities just don’t mesh.

None of these things are anyone’s fault.

But what I've learned (and sometimes the hard way) is that you want to make sure you’re aligned in these 3 areas before sealing the deal to work together.

I’ve created a quick Personality Quiz with 16 situational questions to help gauge whether your new potential hire has the same priorities and values as you. Helping to assess your compatibility. 

I'm making it a free download for you - for a limited time!

How does it work?

  1. Do the quiz first yourself. 

  2. Make a note of your answers. 

  3. Then compare your potential hire’s answers to your own.

How do you both measure up?

TIP: you can put these questions into a Google Form and email it to your potential hires. Everyone’s answers will be neatly stored in a Google spreadsheet for you easily review and compare.

Little disclaimer here - familiarize yourself with your state, province or country’s laws on what you may or may not ask potential hires! There are rules.

Click button below to download.

Could you do me a favour? 

I’m looking for a cool name for this personality quiz. Any feedback, ideas or brainstorms are welcome!

Reply in the comment section below!

The download will only be available for 1 week. So be sure to grab it now and let me know what you think!

Hope you have an amazing rest of your week growing your business!



P.S. Thanks for all of the replies and comments about my new website. I've successfully merged my 3 websites into 2 so far. The first website focuses on my photography services and the second focuses on education and resources for entrepreneurs and photographers. It's still a work in progress, I'm getting there!


"It costs 5 times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an old one." ~ Sean Platt (Book: Write. Publish. Repeat.)

Some weeks ago I sent out an email about blogger photography and frequent social media content photography. And I got so many responses from interested photographers wanting to know more.


Here are a few scenarios:

  1. You just finished a Personal Branding shoot that thrilled your client. Now your client says to you, "Wonderful, now what I'll also need going forward is a steady stream of photos, such as product photos, detail photos, behind the scenes photos and interaction photos for my marketing every month.... but I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars every month."

  2. A blogger approaches you and needs 30 photos a month to post daily on her instagram and blog site.

  3. An Interior Designer approaches you and tells you she needs fresh photos every month of the current designs she is working on. From before-and-after design photos, to her working behind the scenes, to photos she can use to showcase the latest trends.


Can you think of any businesses that would benefit from this?

Here are a few to get your wheels turning:

  • Practitioners

  • Home builders

  • Cabinet builders

  • Speakers

  • Charities

  • Salons

  • Designers

  • Furniture builders

  • Clothing stores

  • Musicians

  • Authors

  • Dog breeders.... (I could go on and on)

Packaging and Pricing

If you’re thinking of offering this type of photography to your clients, I’ve create a subscription based pricing model.

It’s now available in my store as template.

Wishing you all the success!




"It costs 5 times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an old one." ~ Sean Platt (Book: Write. Publish. Repeat.)

Some weeks ago I sent out an email about blogger photography and frequent social media content photography. And I got so many responses from interested photographers wanting to know more.

So today's video blog is going to cover all of the questions you're probably thinking about:

  • How can I make this type of photography profitable?

  • How can I maintain my portrait sales average?

  • How can I service previous Personal Branding clients who now need small shoots?

  • How can retain clients so they don't look for other photographers?


Here are a few scenarios:

  1. You just finished a Personal Branding shoot that thrilled your client. Now your client says to you, "Wonderful, now what I'll also need going forward is a steady stream of photos, such as product photos, detail photos, behind the scenes photos and interaction photos for my marketing every month.... but I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars every month."

  2. A blogger approaches you and needs 30 photos a month to post daily on her instagram and blog site.

  3. An Interior Designer approaches you and tells you she needs fresh photos every month of the current designs she is working on. From before-and-after design photos, to her working behind the scenes, to photos she can use to showcase the latest trends.


Can you think of any businesses that would benefit from this?

Here are a few to get your wheels turning:

  • Practitioners

  • Home builders

  • Cabinet builders

  • Speakers

  • Charities

  • Salons

  • Designers

  • Furniture builders

  • Clothing stores

  • Musicians

  • Authors

  • Dog breeders.... (I could go on and on.)


1. Address what the client wants
(What is the client's problem you can solve).

2. Address what fears and blocks photographers have
(What is photographer's problem with this type of photography request).

3. Offer a solution
(How I solved the client's problem and turned my fears into a profitable photography service I now offer).

4. My story
(How and why I created this solution).

5. My PSD/PDF pricing template FREE for you to download and personalize. 
(Only available to photographers on my list).

What's in my Camera bag?

So I finally put together a comprehensive list of what’s in my camera bag! Thanks to everyone who ever emailed me asking me about my equipment. This is what I currently use for every shoot.

Each image is clickable so you can get all of the tech specs!

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment in the comment section at the bottom of the page.




Lenses + best lens caps

Lighting + Trigger

(All battery no cords + choose Nikon or Canon trigger)

Constant Lighting


Free Webinar


Hey there!

Happy to see you here again! 

If you read my last blog post called "The Fear Project", I told you how I was working on a new project where I'd be giving super valuable wedding photography business advice and be more visible while presenting it.

I'm excited to let you know, that I've officially launched my FREE 3-part video webinar series: Confessions of a Wedding Photographer - How to elevate your wedding photography business and book dream clients.

In this webinar, I don't hold anything back - so you won't want to miss this!

It will only be available for a limited time.



(*This is a FREE service and no credit card is required.)

See you there!




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The Fear Project


Have you done anything recently that’s way out of your comfort zone?

I have!  I’ll tell you more about that soon… stay tuned…


According to Angela Ceberano, after you do something out of your comfort zone, two things happen in your life:

  1. You experience increased happiness

  2. You experience decreased anxiety

In her Tedx Talk “Be a Warrior not a Worrier”, she suggests we all create a personal “Fear Project”.

So that’s just what I did.

My fear - is being in front of the camera + public speaking.

Most photographers (at least the ones I’ve spoken to) generally prefer to be behind the camera. (Go figure!)

So what did I do?

Aside from taking photos, I love helping others elevate their businesses. Whether it’s helping my personal branding clients or helping other photographers.

About a year ago, I created an online video program to help other photographers easily create a successful wedding photography business.

Because as any photography entrepreneur knows - taking amazing photos and running a business are two separate things. And knowing both is a must for longevity.

The biggest feedback I received from my students was they loved the course and they were able to see big results in their businesses. BUT... they wish they would have seen more of me.

Why didn’t you see me in more of the videos?

For the same reasons I hear my clients tell me… They don’t like having their photo taken or they hate seeing themselves in video. This is something I coach my photography clients through. Coaching that gives them the courage and confidence to get in front of my camera.

So I took my own advice.

I told that little, critical voice in my head, that regardless of what she says, I'm going to do it anyway. And I’m going to do my best - whatever that will look like.

Together, with my awesome assistant Kelly, I got super prepared with everything I could think of - from my message, to the lighting, to camera angles and sound.

What I created is an online free 3-part webinar series for wedding photographers wanting to start a photography business or wanting to level-up their current wedding photography businesses.

Next Week

The free webinar will be released next week.

We're still working out ideas for the title, but as of right now it looks something like this:

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer:  Free Wedding Photography Business Webinar.

This FREE Webinar will reveal:

  1. My Story - How I Started my Dream Business

  2. Best Tip Ever: How to Use Your About Page to Book More Clients

  3. The Business Behind My Photography: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

What do you think of the title? Write your feedback or suggestions in the comments below.

Preview screenshot from the free 3-part video training series.

Preview screenshot from the free 3-part video training series.


Now to you

Is there something you've been putting off or avoiding because of fear? If you started your own Fear Project, what would it be? Tell me in the comments below.

Thanks for sharing your time with me today!

With love and gratitude,



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Blogger Photography: Have you been asked to do this?



Some weeks ago I sent out an email about blogger photography and/or frequent media content photography.

And I got an overwhelming response from interested photographers!

But since I sent that email, something interesting happened. I gained new clients interested in this type of photography - but not the clients I expected.

So I've revamped the FREE resource I'm giving away this Thursday - to include everyone who you can market to and who will benefit from this type of photography.

I'll give you a hint - most of my new signups are clients I photographed previously for their Personal Branding, who now need a steady stream of behind the scenes, product, detail and action photos they can use for their marketing.

P.S. This resource will come with a video explanation of how to price yourself for profitability and how to not undercut your current Portrait or Personal Branding packages.


*Update the Social Media Blog Content template is now available in my store*

I'll be giving away the free resource this Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 to all my HD Insiders (that's the fancy way of saying everyone who is on my mailing list).

So scroll down and sign up below! And see you Thursday. 

As always, I wish you all the happiness and success in your business. Thank you for reading.




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4 Brilliant Things You Can do Online This Weekend to Attract More Clients


Have you ever felt like your marketing is lacking? That you could be doing something more, but you're just not sure what? Do you feel like you may be missing some things in your social media, your website, or in your brand?  

I’m going to share with you 4 of my secrets to marketing that you can do THIS WEEKEND!! One weekend of work can transform your website and attract future clients.  

And.... did I mention these 4 things won't cost you a dime? 

You don't need to buy anything!

Let's jump in - here’s how:

  1. About Page

  2. Your Next 90 Days

  3. Get Personal

  4. Testimonials


Did you know that “About pages” are one of the TOP 5 most visited pages on websites? 

That’s huge! But surprisingly, most us overlook this page ... or we just throw up some generic (useless) information. Truth be told, I fell into this grey zone myself.

But once I realized this, I discovered my about page was one of the most transformative pages that pursauded potential clients to contact me or not. Why? Because, it solidified the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor.

Action Plan: Rewrite your about page in an interview format. List 5 questions you wish prospective clients knew about you and 5 questions prospective clients usually ask you. Now write the answers to these questions. If you find writing about yourself difficult, this is a fast and easy method to keep the tone conversational and personal.


Have you ever heard it takes 90-100 days to achieve something? This is a common timeframe we worked with - back when I worked in the corporate world.

So what do I want you to do here?

Plan out your next 90 days! Sound daunting? It really doesn’t have to be. Let me show you how easy it is (see chart below). Break it down into chunks like months, weeks and days. Think about what  you want to accomplish each month. For example, my October, November and December plan looked something like this:


Action Plan: grab a piece of paper and dot out a high level overview of who you would like to attract in the next few months. Come up with a message and share images that compliment your message with the world.

3. Get Personal

People buy from people they like. Even big brands are getting personal. Think Apple and Steve Jobs.

Be sure to sprinkle in some personal images and stories to give your brand some life. Prospective clients want to know if they’ll like you, feel comfortable with you, feel safe with you and if they’ll enjoy working with you.

On the same note, know that not everyone will click with you. But this will help in attracting the right clients and repelling the wrong ones.

4. Update your Testimonials Page

You may be thinking this is an obvious one. But when was the last time you actually updated your testimonials page?

Prospective clients want to know what other people thought and felt about working with you. Hate asking people to write a testimonial for you? (I do) Don’t worry! Look back in your emails. Have previous clients said nice things to you after a shoot? Simply send them a quick email asking if you can use their words on your website, social media and marketing materials.
It’s a win-win!

With love and gratitude and attracting more clients,


P.S. If you know someone who might benefit from this, go ahead and share it with them.


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Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Badly Until You Get it Right

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly until you get it right Heike Delmore

How Comparison helped me grow

If the title of this article resonates with you - know that I’ve felt the same way! Any of these sound familiar?

You’re afraid to start your business.
You’re friends and family are discouraging you.
You don’t think you are good enough yet.
You’re afraid to start charging.
You feel like you’re not getting anywhere.
You feel like you’ll never be as good as others.

I’ve got two pieces of advice for you.

  1. Everyone started out somewhere.

  2. Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to their Chapter 20.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly until you get it right” - Les Brown

I discovered Flickr a month after I got my first semi-pro camera. I fell in love with so many photographers and their beautiful images (Anastasia Volkova and Julia Trotti were huge influences on me). I had no idea how they lit or exposed their photos or even what lenses they might have been using. I'd feverishly set up shots in my livingroom while my baby daughter slept. I tried to recreate the beautiful images I was so inspired by. I’d load the images onto my computer just to feel a huge let down. I mean, the difference was night and day. But I pushed on… I'd bring my favourites of the bunch into photoshop because I was determined to elevate the style and give my photos some allure. The look improved, don’t get me wrong, but still I was nowhere near my photographic idols… in fact I wasn’t in the ballpark or even the stadium in terms of comparison.  

You see… I compared my photos to those of my idols.  We’ve been taught that comparison is bad.  


Comparison made me strive. 
Comparison gave me the desire to learn and educate myself. 
Comparison showed me the difference between good and great.

I understand when people tell you not to compare yourself with others. They say - be happy with your own work and your own style.

Now, I agree with this statement and I do think comparison can be a deadly trap - that can literally paralyze and stop you from moving forward. And it can get your inner negative voice to tell you all sorts of tales, like... 

….you’ll never be that good, 
….it will take forever to learn how to do that why bother, 
….she can do it because she has _____ and you don’t.

But stop!

Realize, you’ve gone too far.

Be sure that when you look at others and compare, that you do so in a way that feeds your soul and motivates you to improve yourself. Interpret it as a soft nudge to go learn something new or develop/polish a new skill. 

But remember that it will take a series of steps to grow and reach certain goals.

Be kind to yourself. After you learn something new, make a list of everything you now know that you didn’t before. I bet you’ll surprise yourself.

Just as we have growth spurts and lulls… have the faith, determination and, most importantly, patience as you grow.

P.S. Just to let you know...when I first started in photography, I tried reverse engineering other people’s photos.  Then I learned about and enrolled in online courses...which has made all the difference.  This important step helped me fast track my progress and success.

With love and gratitude and to YOUR success,



P.S. If you know someone who might benefit from this, go ahead and share it with them.

Portrait Photography and Business: I highly recommend Sue Bryce Education.
Wedding Photography and Business: My e-course is NOW OPEN: Stand out. Save time. Sell more.



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4 Simple Secrets: How to make shooting weddings stress-free (and fun)

4 Simple Secrets: How to make shooting weddings stress-free (and fun)

Don't think it's possible? Let me share how to make wedding photography stress-free. Spoiler Alert - it's super simple and easy to do. Let me show you how.



Reconsidering (Wedding) Photography as a full-time business?

You started off your wedding/portrait photography business super motivated with dreams of success and plans of living your passion.

You felt elated and unstoppable.
You had several requests for your photography services.
This was going to be amazing.

Then something happened:
The fire, zest and motivation within subsided.

Now you’re feeling some stress:

    •    it could be from trying to keep a steady income of bookings
    •    wondering why you aren’t getting as many inquires as before
    •    noticing people aren’t booking as quickly as before
    •    or you're no longer getting the same response on social media
    •    or you’re just tired of the hustle.

Is it over? Or are you just in a temporary rut?

Most of us can safely say, we’ve all felt like that one time or another. 

Things have changed. And you can’t understand why. Is it the industry or is it me?


Your business, like everything else, naturally changes over time. Think:

  • Blockbuster > Netflix

  • Blackberry > iphone.

Ok probably not that drastic of a change. But how can we stay relevant? How can we keep our services in demand?

In my experience, a check-up in these 5 core areas has kept my business in-tune while adapting to the changing market.

    1.    ATTRACTION (The moving target)

    2.    PERSISTENCY + CONSISTENCY (Let’s get honest)

    3.    STRENGTHS (How to discover them)

    4.    NEED + DESIRE (Listening to your clients)

    5.    DIFFERENCE (Taking inventory)

Use this quick exercise to give your business and your brand a quick check-up:

1. ATTRACTION: (The moving target)

Who are you trying to attract? Who do you want your clients to be? Often wedding photographers will answer:


"anyone who is getting married next year that lives in my city."


Ok, that’s a good start. But let’s get a bit more specific. 

Tell me, are there clients you’ve worked with in the past who you absolutely loved working with? 

Who are they? Where do they hang out online and offline? 

For me, when I started my wedding photography business 8 years ago, almost all of my brides were hanging out on Facebook. Back then, posting images on my FB business page got a huge response in likes and comments. Fast forward to today. For the most part My FB business page is pretty quiet - unless I pay to promote my posts. 

So I said to myself - people are obviously still getting married in my city - where are they hanging out online now? Answer: Instagram and Snapchat. 

Another example is, you are a wedding photographer who is trying to attract brides who desire outdoor weddings. Take a look at your branding and your website: are nature and outdoor wedding images a prevalent theme on your website? If they aren’t - make changes to get it in line with who you want your ideal client to be.

ACTION: Go further in-depth with who you want to work with. Try to figure out everything about them - and then tailor your brand and marketing to attract them.


Let’s get real honest for a moment. How persistent and consistent are you being in promoting your business? 

Has the number of inquiries you usually get dropped? Or are the inquiries you are getting not booking?

If so, it’s a good time to do a check-up on your persistency + consistency to ensure they’re aligned.

First, let's look at persistency. Have you been putting your business out there everyday? (And I don’t mean doing something difficult or overly time consuming). 

I mean like posting on social media, putting an update on your website, or going out and talking to people about your business. 

Here are some super simple ideas on how you can do something for your business everyday (from the comfort of your own home):


    •    post an image from a client’s wedding
    •    post an image from a shoot you did 3 years ago today
    •    post an image from any shoot you’ve done
    •    post a meaningful quote
    •    post a behind-the-scenes photo or video of you in action
    •    post a selfie (every now and then it’s okay)
    •    post a snapshot of what's going on in your world (vacation?)
    •    post something you are in the process of working on


It’s a known fact that people buy from people they like.

Which leads me to my next question:

Does your audience know you? Can they relate to you? Do they like you? Do they remember you?

If you aren’t getting any quality inquiries, go to your social media. When did you last post? And how long before that post did you post?

I recommend posting on Instagram once day or once every 2 days. You can plan out your posts ahead of time so it doesn’t become a chore! I used Adobe bridge or my album software to design my consequence ahead of time.

Now let's look at consistency. 

If you’ve been posting on social media all the time and you’re still not getting any busier, let’s take a closer look at what you’re posting.

As with your brand - the goal of your social media posts is to represent your brand visually and textually.

If you’re on Instagram, make your 9 squares look pretty and have them complement one another. You are in a visual business after all - people will be judging the first impression of your feed. What are you posting? 

Back to our last example, if you want more outdoor weddings, post images related to and showing the outdoors. 

And if you want to book weddings, don’t post photos of babies.

In other words don’t post what you don’t want. Post only what you do want.


Action: Post to social media often. Focus on one platform where you are seeing results. It takes time and persistence to get a following. 

For Instagram I recommend 1/day or 1/every other day. 

Keep the posts on topic and make them look beautiful. You can avoid being overwhelmed by planning them out ahead of time using Adobe Bridge or your album design software.


What are your strengths? Many of us photographers will say, something like:

“I take good photos."

Yes that’s most likely true. But again we are looking for something more specific.

One tip to figure out what your strengths are - or what your clients see as your strengths is to go back into your client email correspondence. Usually right after you post a client’s image online or provide them their photos, they’ll write you an email to say thank-you. 

Open up those emails. What else did they say about your work - or about the experience of working with you? 

Here’s an excerpt from an email I received from a client:

“Thanks so much and for everything you guys did to make sure you could give us the best!! I know you stayed a bit later then expected, you both were great and by the glimpse of the photo you posted we can’t wait to see them, it’s incredible everyone keeps telling us that the photo is an amazing shot!! So truly thank you for working with us!”

What is something my client saw or noted?

I’m patient. I don’t rush them. I care about them. 

Something went a little off schedule on their wedding day and I stayed to capture it even though it was outside our contract and over and above what was expected of me.

When I consult with future brides, I can tell them, “sometimes things on your wedding day may go a little off schedule, but don’t worry I will stay to capture those moments regardless. If things go longer than 30 minutes extra, only then do I charge for additional coverage.”

ACTION: Take a look at what your previous clients have said to you or about you. Then weave those strengths into your marketing text -- and into your consults!


Now let's look at what your prospective clients need or desire. 

Do you know what they need? 

They need, photos, prints and maybe a wedding book right? All true! 

But what else do they ask you for?

For example clients often ask me for, high resolution digital files, canvases, video, video slideshows, bridal shoots, boudoir shoots, engagement shoots, rehearsal dinner coverage, shower coverage.

Now check your current packages and price-list - are you offering what they’re asking for? For example are you still offering a DVD of images, when clients are asking for USBs or digital cloud storage?

Listen to what they are asking for, don’t assume. These are the specific items you should have in your packages. 

Tip: Include a big bundle of them in your top (dream) package. I go into great detail in the E-course on how to create packages that sell.

ACTION: Ask yourself, when your ideal clients see your packages, do they get excited? Are they thinking “wow she read my mind, I want all of this”. Or are they thinking “I don’t want a DVD, I wish she offered cloud storage”...

Take steps to include the specific items your clients ask for in your packages.


Are you busy watching your competition and trying to figure out how you can keep up - or do the same? 

Before going any further, remember you’re always going to be second best if you try to copy someone else.

That being said, wedding photographers specifically, are all offering similar products. Digital images, prints, wedding books etc.

So what or how are you doing that differently from everyone else?

For example: 

  • do you consult with your clients regarding wardrobe for their engagement session?

  • do you help create their wedding day schedule?

  • do you offer a complimentary 1 year anniversary photo shoot?

  • does your background as a fashion photographer help with posing your clients so they look beautiful?

  • do you travel worldwide?


The goal is to stand out and be memorable for what makes you different and unique.

Action: Take a moment and make a list of what makes you - YOU!

Then work those unique and amazing things into your brand and marketing - textually and visually. These things should be loud and clear! Not something someone needs to dig out to discover in your FAQ section. Or something someone discovers in the last paragraph on your about me page. Be obvious and make it beautiful, i.e. through photos or blog titles! Go through your website and take some inventory - is it obvious to your visitors on what makes you different in your approach, service or products?


I hope I’ve given you some fresh eyes to see how your potential clients currently see you - and how you can make simple changes to get more bookings from your ideal customers.

If you’re stuck in a rut, this 5 step quick exercise should shed some new light on what’s going on.

If you’d like to take these concepts deeper, join me in the E-course: Stand out. Save time. Sell more. Registration is now open - more information here.

Or start out with my FREE 3-part training series: Confessions of a Wedding Photographer first.

Remember information without action futile.

I’d love to hear your comments. Did anything spark a change in you, your business or your online identity? Share with us in the comments (way down below)!

Thanks for sharing your time with me today! Leave me a comment below - what was your breakthrough moment?

With love, gratitude and wishing you all the success,




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Stand out. Save time. Sell more.

Free video training successful wedding photography business with Heike Delmore

Pssst - if you’d like to go directly to the free training click the button below.

The surprising reasons why some wedding photographer's websites are successful and other's are not.

And when I say successful, I mean websites that work to book more of your ideal clients while saving you time.

Why is it that people struggle with getting their true or authentic selves across online or on their websites?

Most people find it easier to speak one-on-one with people either about themselves or about their businesses. I know that’s true for me. The problem arises when you need to sit down and try to write about yourself. People usually fall into 1 of 3 categories:

    1.    The Essay writer
    2.    The Vague ‘blend-in-with-the-crowd’ writer
    3.    The Cutesy casual writer


Can you tell us more about these three categories, so our readers can see if they fall into one or the other?

Absolutely. Before I describe each, know that doing any of these things is not necessarily bad. The message is that, you could be doing more to build a deeper more relatable connection with your visitors.

  1. The Essay writers, write more a formal piece. The text sounds more like something they’re going to hand into their professor, than something their clientele can relate to. It often comes off as cold and technical. These writers may also use terms, specific to their industry, that their website visitors may not understand or be familiar with.

  2. The Vague ‘blend-in-with-the-crowd’ writers, tend to state general information and not elaborate a great deal. For example, these writers will state they are a husband and wife team, their style is photojournalistic and they’ve won XYZ award and been published in XYZ magazine. The end.

  3. The Cutesy Casual Writers will try to be cute, funny and keep things light. For example, they talk about how much they love their little fur ball named Kenny (their kitten/family member). Their favourite colour is blue, favourite food is sushi, and they like long walks on the beach.

I know we’ve spoken a lot about writing so far. But you teach that there are many additional factors involved in projecting your authentic self online. Could you mention a few?

Yes, there are factors in addition to the text on your website that can also make a huge difference in whether your visitors will know, like, trust and ultimately want to buy from you.

Your use of photos, which photos you use, how many photos you use and how your photos are presented are a factor.

Also, does your website have a deliberate flow that purposefully guides your visitors through to booking you?

How easy or confusing does your website appear?

And how long are you able to keep people engaged on your website? These are just some of the other factors involved.

Using this knowledge, you booked yourself solid (year after year) only using your website, while you lived on another continent. Is that correct?

Yes! My husband’s career had us move our family all over Europe for spans of 6-9 months out of the year… every year. When I returned home, I’d have my schedule booked solid for the 3-6 months.

While away, I couldn’t meet clients face to face. And it was often difficult to talk to them because of the time differences between countries. 

So, I designed my website to handle the heavy lifting in selling ME and why I would be a great match for them. My website essentially turned my visitors into clients. When they contacted me, they were already ready to book. I know these concepts work and they work well! My website is like my second employee or an extension of myself who works for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To the untrained eye, many people may not notice when websites have any of these elements in place. How did you learn or acquire this knowledge?

I’ve pulled much of this information together from my formal education, work experience, and good ‘ol trial and error. I have my Hon B.Sc. degree in Psychology and I did my postGraduate university studies in E-commerce and Web design. That coupled with 10 years of experience working for advertising agencies in Canada and Europe with high profile clients such as Mastercard, Eurocard, Kraft, Opel, Thomas Cook travel to name a few.

There really is a method to the madness, for every brand, behind the scenes. This is what makes us feel a certain way when we see the final product, brand or person. 

Why is it, do you think, that most websites don’t stand out or don’t work? 

Most people focus on doing the same the thing their competitors are doing online. Most websites tell the same or a similar stories. The thought process is - well it must be working for them, so it should work for me too. Or people think they’re boring and they don’t have anything special to tell. That is, they don’t tell their unique story. (I teach you how to find this voice and your unique story in the E-course)

The reality is that most brides begin their search for their photographer and other vendors online. You won’t stand out, and you won’t be memorable, if you’re trying to be like or sound like everyone else.  

I know your E-course guides your students to stand out online, in every way, but could you share a few tips with us today?

Absolutely. I’ll also be sharing a few of these tips in the free training module on January 19th. The free training will give the audience a little taste of what is included in the E-course

So one easy tip is, how you are using your website’s “About” page. The About page is one of the most under-utilized pages! 

Did you know that About pages are generally one of the top 3 pages your visitors will view? Yet, many of us waste this page with generic useless information - some examples of this I mentioned earlier. So one tip would be, to use your About page to answer those burning questions your clients always have. You know the ones. Those questions every client asks you that you’re tired of answering. Providing answers to these questions on your About page does 3 important things: 

  1. Makes your visitor feel like you're both are in-sync. You’re reading her mind and you’re both on the same wave length.

  2. You’re not just talking about yourself, you’re talking about how you can help her solve her problem and how your services can benefit her.

  3. You save your valuable time and hers. When this client contacts you, she’s less likely to still be in the research phase and more likely to be in the booking phase.

Will content in your e-course become dated, obsolete or break if Google decides to change it’s algorithm again?

Oh no! The concepts you learn are definitely not ways to cheat Google! They are authentic, smart, and best online practices. They have nothing to do with Google’s algorithm. These changes are grounded in best online practices, from how to make your website load faster, to how to sell yourself and your services honestly without yucky sales-y techniques. This training is not about trendy SEO hacks!

Who will benefit from taking this course?

Wedding photographers, wedding florists, wedding venues, wedding DJs, wedding videographers. Anyone in the wedding industry who wants to increase their number of clients while doing less work will benefit from this E-course.

Could you give us some specifics on how will this E-course benefit us?

This E-course will get you more “ready to book” inquires from your ideal clients. Often times, the clients contacting you are simply inquiring to price-shop you. That is, they will pick the least expensive vendor who can do the same job. If you present yourself like everyone else, you’ve turned yourself into a commodity - someone who can do the same job, the same way as someone else. And this is why you’ll get clients who will select you purely on price.

The main benefit of this course, is that you’ll be positioning yourself away from competing on price. You’ll be changing the conversation and attracting inquires simply because YOU are a great match for THEM.

I know some people are wondering, do you need to be “techy” to apply what you learn in this E-course?

Not at all. The steps I lay out anyone can do. You just need a website, such as a Squarespace website or a Wordpress site, and the ability to login and make changes to get started. 

If someone is just starting out, and they want to take your E-course, but they don’t have a website yet, are there some website companies you would recommend they check out?

Well, I haven’t tried all of the website companies out there. But, of the ones I use, I would highly recommend Squarespace (very easy to setup and use) and Flothemes or Prophoto for Wordpress. Again, the how-to of setting up a website is outside of the scope of this E-course. Coming into the course, you should have an existing website, or be in the process of setting one up.

To wrap up - what will be the biggest take-away for people who take your E-course?

If you apply the concepts taught in the E-course, you will stand out and be perceived as the go-to leader in your industry. You’ll save time by educating your visitors ahead of time dispelling any skepticism or objections they may have. Your visitors will feel as though you’re both in-sync from their first impression of you online. And lastly, you’ll inspire them to book and buy from you.

Is there anything else you’d like to leave us with today? 

A study done by Dane Sanders (his book the Fast Track Photographer) found that 60% of photographers give up their businesses within the first year. Then of those 40% still standing, another 25% will drop off within the 2nd year of business. That leaves only 15% still operating in their 3rd year.

That is a distressingly small percentage. Some of the main factors (among other issues) involved in the demise of these photographers, in my opinion, are a lack of visibility or standing out from the crowd, a lack of sales, and pricing that isn’t sustainable.

All of these subjects will be taught in the E-course. I hope you’ll join us. It’s going to be an eye-opening and results driven experience.


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Want more success? Be a real person

More success secret photography businesses Heike Delmore

I’ve got some honest words, a profitable message and some valuable freebies for you today.

It was your average Friday, I was editing photos and listening to a new audio book, when something I heard stopped me dead in my tracks.

Something put so simply. Something so resonating. Something so important. Something I realized I learned over 20 years ago but could never articulate into words so simply or powerfully.

Before I dive into this further, let me begin with a quick story:

I was 18 years old and I got a part-time job at a trendy clothing store while attending university.

I had no sales experience, but I guess I looked the part. To the interview, I wore my most stylish outfit. I was hoping to be perceived as cool or fashionable enough to work there.

The first day on the job I was told to go sell some clothes.

I would be paid a low hourly wage in addition to a 3% commission on anything I sold. 

I noticed quickly how hungry my fellow salespeople were. 

The deal was, once you put clothing in the change room for a customer - that customer was considered yours. And you would receive commission on anything he/she purchased.

I was instructed to go greet the customers. To go tell them how good they looked the clothes. I was also given some other scripts aimed to pull in some sales.

I felt really nervous. Actually, I was pretty scared.

I didn’t want to approach customers who clearly didn’t want any help. (And this was pretty much everyone who walked into the store). 

Using the sales techniques felt 'yucky' and 'salesy' coming out of my mouth. 

I made no sales.

Then a whole month went by… and still I made no sales. I knew my job security was running thin. I could tell management was getting frustrated and annoyed with my performance. 

I soon felt I wasn’t cut out for sales. I told myself, “I just don’t have the right personality.”

My next shift started, and for all I knew, it was possibly my last. 

It was quiet day at the mall. A girl came into the store and I said “Hi”. Without any thoughts of making a sale, I started organizing some messy sweater piles near where she was browsing. 

We struck up a conversation. It was a natural conversation. It felt legitimate and equal.

As the conversation progressed, the tone remained the same as the topic transitioned. She told me what she was shopping for. I enthusiastically showed her all of the items that matched her needs. And then, I showed her all of the amazing accessories and other items (I personally thought) paired well with the outfit - to take it from good to great.

I loved helping her. It was a magical feeling.

And coincidentally, she too was getting excited about my suggestions.

I poured 120% of my heart and soul into presenting her with the best solutions to her problem. And she looked great.

I’m sure you can guess the outcome. Yes, I made my first sale… and it was a BIG one.

But it was a win-win. We both felt happy and fulfilled. 

Important note: I wasn't thinking, “Oh my goodness, is she going to buy something from me? I hope she buys something…”

Au contraire! I was focused on how I could help this lovely customer and create the best looking outfit to match her needs.

Things turned around that day. And from that day on, I was the top producer for that clothing store. 

So what were the words that stopped me in my tracks last Friday? The book said:

“You want people skills?...Then be a person.”

{Burg, Mann (2015) The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea: Gildan Media, LLC}


The moment I became a real person and had a real conversation with that customer, was the day I realized that sales aren’t about one-liners or savvy selling techniques. No, it was about me being able to be me. It was about how I could relate, help and give my customer something valuable and specific to her needs and desires. It was about how I could make her happy and exceed her expectations.

So simple.

“It’s worth ten thousand times more than all the closing techniques that ever have been or ever will be invented. It’s called authenticity.”

{Burg, Mann (2015) The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea: Gildan Media, LLC}


Although, I learned this important lesson over 20 years ago, it was a feeling I never forgot, even though I could never quite articulate what it was in just three little words. 

Be a person. 

Just be a real person.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling whether it be clothing or wedding photography, the same principle applies. It’s the law of authenticity.

I live my life and run my photography business by this law.

Now, if you’re wondering what this amazing book is called, it’s called “The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea” by Bob Burg , John David Mann.

It’s a quick read with a big impact.

You can read the first 2 chapters for free on google books here.

I’m hoping this inspires you To connect with your clients on a deeper more authentic level to ultimately jumpstart or build-on your current success.


Now, I’ve got a lovely surprise

It’s one thing to create deeper more authentic relationships with your clients face-to-face or on the phone. But often times we struggle with creating this same feeling online.

In other words, does your website present the real you to the world?

I know how mechanical writing about yourself can feel. You’re thinking…. “Do I sound too corporate?”, “I don’t want to sound conceded”, “Does that sound unprofessional?”, “Which photo should I include?”.

This month I’ll be hosting a free online training module covering some of the most overlooked things you can do to your website to help you stand out, save time and sell more.

The free training video is geared toward wedding photographers and other wedding professionals. The wedding industry is super competitive and highly saturated. 

And, let’s face it, most brides begin their wedding vendor search online. 

A beautiful design with stunning photos coupled with your contact information is not enough to make brides stop their search and say “This is the one!”

This free training will give you some quick action items you can do to make yourself stand out from the busy crowd. 

I hope you’ll join us! 

Tell us where to send the free training module:



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I’ll finish with another impactful quote from the book:

“The most valuable thing you have to give people is yourself. No matter what you think you’re selling, what you’re really offering is you.”

{Burg, Mann (2015) The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea: Gildan Media, LLC}

Some earlier photos...

Some earlier photos...


Thanks for allowing me into your inbox! Leave me a comment below - what was your breakthrough moment?

With love, gratitude and wishing you all the success,



P.S. I mentioned that I was listening to this book while editing photos. I subscribe to Audible (where you can find this book) and Sue Bryce Education. Both have business material that is motivating, insightful and inspiring! 

FREE Personal Branding Giveaway

Free Photographer Resource Personal Branding

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I have a special surprise FREE GIVEAWAY I’ll only be sharing with those who are on my mailing list!

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My biggest No-No's when photographing Personal Branding or Corporate Headshots

Biggest No-No's when photographing Personal Branding

My Biggest
No-No's when photographing Personal Branding or Corporate Headshots

A a couple months ago, I added my Personal Branding Photoshop Template to my online store.

The idea to create the template, came after I did an interview with Sue Bryce, and we spoke about how I market & sell corporate headshots  (a.k.a personal branding shoots).

This led me to writing today’s article - to share with you all the things I wish photographers knew before shooting corporate headshots/personal branding.

All the things I wasted a lot of time learning - the hard way!

Here we go...

1. You shouldn’t...
shoot before having a consultation

Because every client and every business is unique and needs to stand out from the competition, it's imperative you chat (in-person, or on the phone) with your personal branding clients before photographing them.

“Every day we are selling our most important asset: ourselves.” - Fredrick Eklund

Use your consultation time to do two important things: 

  1. Ask specific questions about your client, her business and where she wants to use her photos.

  2. Suggest new ideas of where she can use her photos (i.e social media, magazine features, etc)

Be sure to take notes and use those notes to plan out your photo shoot (see #5). (Having trouble making suggestions on new places where your client can use their photos? Check out the Photoshop Price-list Template for ideas).


Your consultation will:

  • tell you what your client wants

  • suggest new places/strategies your client can use her photos

  • help you collect information on how to approach her shoot

“The personal branding consultation is both a gathering of information and a creator used to fulfill your client’s photography needs and elevate her success.” - Heike Delmore

2. You shouldn’t...
consult with your client before doing your research

Similar to point number one, do your leg work before the consultation. 

Why you ask? Because it’s important you be specific and take a personal interest in your client.

With personal branding one size does not fit all. If you have a consultation before doing any initial research, you won’t be prepared and your suggestions, if any, will sound very generic. Show your client that you're taking an interest in them personally.

When researching your client you are looking for the following:

    1.    Is she currently using any personal branding photos?
    2.    If yes, where is she currently using her photos?
    3.    Where might she be looking to update them?
    4.    Where could she be using them - but is currently not?
    5.    Think of completely new strategies she could impliment


  • Gather as much information on where your client is currently using her photos and note where she could be using them in the future.

  • This information will prepare you for a finely tailored consult

3. You shouldn’t...  
have an inconsistent price-list

What's an inconsistent price-list? 

An inconsistent price-list is a price-list where the same product is priced differently across different genres.

Let’s say you sell 7x10s. And you price a 7x10 for family portraits higher than a 7x10 for corporate headshots. Why are they priced differently? Is one 7x10 better than the other? 

This is why consistency is important: let me tell you a story where this became a big problem for me. 

When I started out in this genre, I was charging really low prices for my corporate headshots. Lower than my glamour portraits. I told myself I was getting clients in the door. The problem arose when my headshot clients would bring in a couple of gowns to shoot at the end of the session... "just for fun". The photos with the gowns would usually qualify as a portrait or glamour photo. When the client came in to select and purchase their photos, it seemed ridiculous to charge one amount for the corporate headshots and another for the glammed up photos. Having a consistent price-list across the board solved this problem.


  • Using a consistent price-list will streamline your business

  • Repeat clients will not longer be confused (and you’ll feel clearer - trust me)

  • Now, I’m not saying have 1 generic pricing brochure for all genres. No! Absolutely design them differently target each market you shoot. But keep your pricing the same.

4. You shouldn’t...  
shoot personal branding without a checklist

What kind of checklist you ask? 

If you’ve you’ve done your pre-consultation research and had your in-person or telephone consultation, you can easily put together a shooting checklist.

Your checklist should consist of:

  1. Shots your client says they want or need

  2. It should also indicate the photographic style

  3. Where your client plans on using the images

  4. Where your client may try using their photos in the future based on your suggestions.

For example, if you client is going to open a Facebook business page, you check off vertical/square profile image and horizontal image for the cover image. And shoot to fulfill those requirements. 


  • Your checklist will act as a photo shoot planner.

5. You shouldn’t...  
shoot to fit IN

Many of us were taught that to be in business we nee to fit a certain look or mold. 

When shooting personal branding photos, I suggest getting a few safe photos at the beginning. 

But be sure to branch out and capture your client’s authentic self. From your pre-consultation to your in-person or telephone consultation, you should have a good idea who your client is and what they’re trying to express to the world. 

Aim to capture all of this your shoot.

“You are your brand. Failure to share yourself in an open, honest way is a costly miscalculation. Who doesn’t want to be around someone who’s comfy in their own skin? On the contrary, who likes hanging around phonies?... Who were you as a carefree six year old, before the world taught you to play it safe and blend in with everyone else? Find yourself; be yourself; sell yourself.”
- Fredrik Eklund


  • When shooting personal branding start with a few safe photos

  • Then branch out and get creative to capture your client’s true self.

I hope you found this helpful. Leave me a comment below.

With love and gratitude and wishing you all the happiness and success,



P.S. If you know someone who will find this article helpful go ahead and share it with them!

Are you thinking about incorporating WEDDING photography into your studio? And you're interested in how you can easily build a profitable wedding photography business. Check out the coming soon: E-Course: For those with a creative background not a business background - how to easily create a successful and profitable wedding photography business.


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5 Ways to make clients feel more comfortable


Understandably, people are usually feeling pretty nervous, vulnerable or anxious before a photo shoot. And I can totally relate! However after the photo shoot, my clients often tell me that it was easier than they had anticipated. Mainly because I made them feel comfortable!

To get that special connection in your photos - in the eyes and body language of your client - these are 5 things I do with my clients to make them feel more comfortable during their photo shoot.  Remember to always smile + listen when using any of these 5 methods:



When a client is booking her photo shoot, be sure to ask her a lot of questions about herself.

It’s like making a new friend! Asking questions helps me get to know my client’s personality and also what she likes in terms of style and imagery. It gives us something to talk about. And finding any similarities between us, helps the conversation flow easily on the day of the photo shoot.



Just before the photo shoot begins, I warn my client that I will most likely be talking throughout the entire session - often gently repeating myself with posing and coaching instructions.

By informing my client of my process ahead of time, she never feels discouraged or like she is doing something wrong. She interprets my repetitious instructing as encouragement rather than criticism.



Tell a story to get your client into the right mindset or character.

Sometimes if can’t get my client to give me the connection or body language I am looking for, I tell her a story to get her into character. With couples for example, I may say “you both just snuck out of a formal dinner party and met up in this secluded area to share a private moment”. Or with a couture portrait client, I may tell her to picture herself as a celebrity she likes and ask her to show me how that celebrity would portray this look.  This works wonders!



Share your own experience of being photographed focusing on how you felt during the process.

I often share my personal experience of being in front of the camera and how nervous and vulnerable I felt. Let your client know that you can relate to how she is feeling. And how the poses may feel really awkward, they actually look good in camera. This will help reduce your client’s stress and you will see her shoulders relax.



When a shot looks great don’t be afraid to show your excitement!

During the photo shoot when a pose or shot looks great, I can’t help but get excited and let out a little squeal! This always gives the client an extra boost of confidence and reinforces that she is doing a great job! She will also inject more effort and enthusiasm in her next poses.

I hope you found these tips helpful! I’d love to hear any tips you have on making your clients feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Thanks for reading! Leave your comments below!

With much gratitude,






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How to blog to keep yourself fully booked


Spring is already here for those who live further south. Last week I had the opportunity to visit Nashville, TN. With the family in tow, and camera in hand, it was a fabulous trip. I think I even got a bit of a tan! See my Instagram feed for pics from the trip.

While on my trip I got to meet an awesome stylist, Krista Roser, who styles many of the young country stars. And I got to hear how others are using their social media accounts to generate income.

All of which got me thinking about how I've used blogging + social media to keep my calendar fully booked. (I outline the super simple steps below).

I've never needed to invest in any advertising or do any shows/expos. Truth be told, I've invested in advertising twice. Approximately $1000 each time. Once was for a listing on a local wedding website. And the other was on a national magazine's website. The latter got me 3 out-of-town jobs. 

Not bad I suppose, I made the money back - but blogging is what has kept me consistently fully booked with shoots. Best of all it's free. And here's how...

I don't search for ideas or try to brainstorm new ideas of what to blog about.

I blog about my clients.

I use the photos I have created and sold to my client for the core of the post. Then I add a little story around those photos.

I call this method C.B.B. - or Client Based Blogging. Sounds simple right? Here's what it does...

Client Based Blogging (C.B.B.)

    1.    It makes my current clients happy
    2.    It attracts new clients

Here's why the "Client Based Blogging" method works...


It makes your current clients happy. The blog post makes them feel special. Heck, I feel special if my work gets featured anywhere! Your clients feel the same when they are featured on yours. 

Often clients are more excited about their photos being posted online, than they are about receiving their albums or digital files. They're excited because they want to share and show them off.

So having a well curated blog post + a story shows your client in their best light.


Now onto the psychology of how blogging about your current client actually attracts new clients. 

  1. Suspicious - according to "buyers are naturally suspicious". If they see someone they know has purchased from you, they become more trusting of your product and services.

  2. Best choice - other times buyers don't have time to shop around. They assume those before them have already done the research and selected the best choice. According to research conducted by Forbes magazine, "we copy people we know because we’re simply uncertain about the best choice".

  3. Fitting in - according to Psychology Today magazine, sometimes clients purchase from the same company to "imitate others and fit in".

  4. Success Stories - if your work has aided in your client's success - success stories have an immense impact on consumers, according to

Now that we know how and why it works - how do we get people to our blogs?


All roads lead back to your blog - and timing is of the essence.

  • When to create the blog post - create your client's blog post before releasing any digital images. Here's the process: you've completed the photography job for your client and he/she has paid you. You are ready to deliver the photos. Before you do, put together their blog post and send them the link. This ensures your client will share the link with their friends and family (not the other products you give them).

  • Announce on Social Media - announce on any and all of your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) that you have a new blog post up on your site. Be sure to include the blog post link and post a photo to peak interest.

  • Email your client - email the blog link and social media posts to your client. Encourage them to tag themselves and share the post on social media.


Still not sure how to make a "Client Based Blog" post? Use these two easy steps to help you:

  1. Use photos your client has selected and purchased

  2. Accompany those photos with a story about your client. Try to write a minimum of 3 sentences. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What... are they using the photos for? (tells both about them and the service you offer)

  • Who... is your client? (promote/plug their business or tell their story)

  • How... did the photos impact their life? (e.g. client got first modelling job)

  • When... did it happen? (is the timing of their photos important or is age?)

  • Where... did it take place? (is significance in the location?)

  • Why...? (why did they need these photographs)


A. Create a blog post about your last client using the Client Based Blogging method (C.B.B.)
B. Use the photos they purchased
C. Write a minimum of 3 sentences about the client
D. Post the link to your blog post and teaser images on your social media accounts
E. Send your client the link to their post
F. When you are done go to my website and leave me a comment

ASIDE - I know you do this already, but I want to remind you to have your clients sign a model release before posting any of their images online.
TIP - I also let my clients know ahead of time that I'll be writing a special post about them on my blog. This gets them excited. Or, if they are super private people, they have to chance to let me know that they are uncomfortable.

With love and gratitude and wishing you all the happiness and success,


P.S. If you know someone who will find this article helpful go ahead and share it with them!

If you'd like to take these concepts further and dive in deeper on how you can easily build a profitable wedding photography business, check out the E-Course: For those with a creative background not a business background - how to easily create a successful and profitable wedding photography business.


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How to Attract Ideal Clients

How to attract ideal photography clients

Are we unknowingly diluting our brands?

In a world where websites are often the first touch point our clients have to us - are we dressing our sites for the job we want or the job we have?

When we dilute our websites we automatically attract the WRONG clients and repel the RIGHT clients.

Let me elaborate with a story before we get to the action steps. 


Sandra, a fellow photographer, recently told me she couldn’t get any clients... and the few clients she did get purchased very little. She went on to tell me how she went to networking meetings, had a booth at a show and invested in paid advertising. And the result - a negative bank balance.

So what was going wrong?

Now, there could be several things wrong, but I started with her website because this is where our potential client's start. 

The design was nice, but when the homepage photos ran through the auto gallery, I noticed two major problems:

The first was, Sandra is a fine art wedding photographer. Her homepage displayed 2 fine art wedding images, and then, a baby photo set in an outdoor park. (Insert record scratch sound effect). The style clash stood out like a sore thumb. 

I asked Sandra if she does baby photography.

Her answer, “I don’t want to.... but it pays”.

The second problem was, sprinkled throughout were unpolished, amateurish photos. These photos were not consistent with the quality of her best work.

I asked Sandra about the unpolished photos.

Her answers, “I don’t remember what photos are in the homepage gallery”. Then, “Even though those photos aren’t my best work, they show that I have experience…” 


    •    ATTRACT: What you show on your website you will attract. If you put baby photos, you will get requests for baby shoots. If you don’t like shooting XYZ… don’t post XYZ photos.  If you’re shooting a genre and your heart isn’t in it, that will show in your work and in your sales (or lack thereof).

    •    FLOW: Make sure there is a flow to the style of the photos you post. Don’t be all over the board or clients won’t be sure what they’ll get if they book you. If you have different styles, transition to them slowly in your gallery so you don’t throw visitors for a loop.

    •    A+: Only show your best work! Edit your website and remove any photos you dislike or you think are just “ok”. If they don’t score an A+ take them down. If a potential client comes to your website and sees 2 great photos and 1-2 mediocre ones they won’t be confident in your abilities. And they won’t contact/book you. Don’t give them a reason to hesitate.

    •    FOCUS: Potential clients don’t care if you’ve been a photographer for 10 years or 10 minutes. If you can make them look good or fulfill their needs they will contact you.


  1. Remove the photos from your website of work you’d rather not do in the future. Only post photos of what you want to shoot more of.

  2. Post only your A+ images and delete the others. Don’t dilute your best work with your less-than-best work.

Remember, clients come to your website because they want to book you! They are hoping you are a good fit for them. It's okay to repel the wrong clients. But don't repel the right ones!

I’d love to hear from you. Have you found you're diluting your website in other ways? Share with us in the comment section (way down) below.

With love and gratitude. And wishing you all the success in your photography business,


P.S. Share this article it you found it helpful.

P.S.S. After writing this, I realized I have one super cute baby photo (that I am so proud of) on my website. I don’t shoot babies but sometimes get requests. Lightblub: I think it’s time to take it down!


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