Savvy Secrets of In-Person Sales for weddings


A few weeks ago I asked you all to send me your most pressing questions about your photography business and wedding photography.

Thank you everyone for sending me your questions!! You’re awesome!!

One of the most common themes in your questions was in-person sales (IPS) and how to incorporate IPS into your wedding packages.

So, today I’m going to show you two savvy ways that I implement IPS into my wedding packages.

1. Engagements

Similar to many of you, several of my wedding packages include an engagement session.

But the difference is - some of these packages include the digital images, while others do not.

For those packages that do include digital images… the price has been carefully calculated and included in the price of the wedding package.

For those packages that do not include the digital files, the couples come into my studio, view their images and...this is the best part!...Select and purchase their favourites… in-person.  

By now, you may have some questions like….

  • How does this work?  

  • Why do some of the packages include all of the digitally edited files?

  • Doesn't including all of the digital files in some packages defeat the purpose of IPS?

Allow me to explain…

IPS vs. All Digital files

Let me start by saying, that my wedding packages are  accompanied by an a la carte menu.  This a la carte menu lists of the prices for individual images/prints and varies depending on the size(s) they would like to purchase.

Here’s the key!  

Oftentimes,  clients come into the studio and view their engagement photos thinking they just want a handful of photos, but after viewing them, they realize they want all of them. So they ask me “how much for all of them?”

Equally as often, I have clients who know they want all of their engagement images before they even book my services.

It’s important to know the tremendous value of your digital FILES, and this needs to be reflected in your pricing.

Remember! The value is in your art, not in the paper you print it on.

And as such, high resolution digital images, should not priced less than a print.

Further, the price to purchase all the digital images needs to be significant and considerably more than if your client were to purchase a handful of your small/med a la carte images.  


Here’s how to start…

Ask yourself what an amazing IPS would equal? What is the price value? Write that number down. Be sure it is more than purchasing a handful of small/med a la carte images.

And make sure your pricing is logical.

Use this as a starting number and go up from there.

2. Bridal boudoir/ Bridal Sessions

Most of my higher wedding packages include a complimentary bridal boudoir or bridal photoshoot.

I believe this is an awesome addition to my packages.

Now, notice I said photoshoot. When my clients select a wedding package, I tell them about this beautiful photoshoot experience that's included with their package.  

I educate them on the shoot and explain that all of the images and any products are sold separately.

I have a special price list for my bridal boudoir sessions. It includes, a la carte images, and products I know my brides adore and can actually use.

For example, I offer a sleek black book.  This is something my brides love to give their grooms the morning of their wedding. It's an extremely romantic gift that brides love to give.

Use this IPS meeting to help give your clients fun ideas on how they can use their images.

I should also add to the black book example, I do have an add-on price, if the client would also like to purchase all of the digital images, in addition to the book.  

Now it’s your turn

Whether you’re already started implementing, or you're wanting to start implementing IPS in your wedding photography business, I think these two examples will get your creative wheels turning with great ideas on where to start... and how you can expand.

Leave me a comment below on any a-ha moments or how you’ve already successfully incorporated IPS into your wedding photography business.

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