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Filled with actionable easy to impliment steps, these are 2 of 60 short videos from the full E-Course: "Stand out. Save time. Sell more." is great for getting started.

Most people focus on doing the same the thing their competitors are doing online. Most websites tell the same or a similar stories.

That is, they don’t tell your unique story. 

I teach you how to find this voice and use your uniqueness to stand out and book more wedding clients.



The reality is that most brides begin their search for their photographer and other vendors online. 

You'll learn how to stand out, save time and sell more using your online presence.

Not techy? Not a problem. You just need a website, such as a Squarespace website or a Wordpress site, and the ability to login and make changes to get started.

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Stand out. Save time. Sell more. 
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(Video #1 originally aired 2016)