Update: Hello everyone! Great news... I have received several emails asking if the free webinar will be re-aired one final time: Tuesday, January 6th at 1pm EST.

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Ask anything about running a photography business from inquires to responses to meetings to packages to bookings...

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Thank you for putting on this informative webinar and sharing so much vital information. I applied some of your advice with a prospective wedding client last week and I felt so much more at ease and genuine. And I am happy to report that I am photographing their wedding next year. Thank you! I can’t wait for your winter webinar.
— Katherine Thompson, Toronto ON
I highly recommend it to both new and veteran photographers.
— Tanya Smith, Clovis, CA
So worth it! This is what I needed to move my business forward.
— Sabine Schultz, Colonge Germany
I recently had the opportunity of a lifetime this past weekend when Heike allowed me to shadow her at one of her weddings! She is a highly sought after photographer who I deeply admire and has now become a great mentor to me. She is a wealth of information and is so kind to share with me some tricks of the trade.
I was terrified to shoot weddings before. I always allowed the fear of not being good enough, ruining someone’s day, or missing “the shot” get in the way of my abilities as a photographer. That one day with Heike and her soft-spoken, kind, yet powerful words to me changed something in me. I now feel confident in offering weddings, knowing that I can do this, she showed me how simple it is and gave me the much needed confidence to actually pursue my dreams! Thank you so much for the experience Heike! You truly are a gem!
— Ashlei Iris |

Hi Heike! I went into my wedding consultation on Wednesday. They booked within 24hrs of the meeting. It was my fastest response yet after a consult! Thank you, thank you!! Really Heike, thank you soooo much!
— Lee-Anne Jarrett |